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We're having a GIVEAWAY!!!

We're having an Instagram Giveaway!  

Tell us why you need a Moop bag and you could win any one Moop bag of your choice!  

But, don't just tell us - SHOW US! On Instagram!
Use the tag: #WhyIneedaMoopBag
And, follow us on Instagram: @moopshop

To enter the giveaway: 
  • take or create a photo that shows us why you need a Moop bag.  Don't be afraid to get creative. If you're not photo inclined, then write a great story as the text to go along with your photo.  Maybe you already have a Moop bag and want another. Maybe you're starting a new job or having a baby or going on a fantastic trip. Or, maybe you need one  because it would just make you super happy.  Whatever your reason, let us know and you could win the Moop bag you've always wanted!
  • Post that photo to Instagram using the tags: #whyIneedaMoopBag and @moopshop
    and be sure to follow us: @moopshop
  • If you're not on Instagram (uuuhhh...why not? it's fun!), then you can email a fantastic photo and reason to us at: with the title: Giveaway Entry
  • If your Instagram feed is private, we won't be able to see your entry so, email it to us!!
  • We will choose the winner based on who has the best image or story.  So, make it great!
  • Contest entry begins today and goes through Monday, October 14th. We'll announce the winner later next week.
HAVE FUN! We can't wait to see what you show us!!!

Wendy & co.

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